How to Fix Runtime Error R6025 in a Safe Way – A Newbie Can Do It

Computer users can often come across runtime error r6025. This is only a general error, which is mainly caused by the problems in the registry. It also means that some programs used in the computer has been corrupted.

It is not that difficult to correct the runtime error r6025, and here are a few steps that would help in overcoming it.

Once you see runtime error r6025 in the screen, the first thing is to open the task manager. After this, move on to the Process Tab and click on “Image Name.” Go down the process list and find the program that gave you the error message. Then click “End Process” to kill the warning process. However, it is at high risk of causing your computer to crash if you killed the wrong process.

After this step is completed, go to the control panel and open “Programs and Features”. Once the “Programs and Features” windows open, look for the program that gave the error message. Click on the error program and then go for “Remove Program” button.

Now close the “Programs and Features” window and then click the Start menu and go to Search box and then type “Cleanmgr.” Once this opens, click the link “Files from all users.” Now choose the drive where the program has been installed and click it. Once the files have been cleaned, you should have to restart the computer. You can now reinstall the program that you had deleted if you really need it.

The steps are easy to follow, however, it is also easy to cause your computer to crash if you do not understand how computer works very much. In case, the error r6025 comes up even after deleting all files, the only solution is to uninstall the operating system and then reinstall it. Because of these, the most recommended solution for runtime error r6025 is to use a professional registry repair software to help you.

The windows registry is an important part of the computer, where all information related to the functioning of the computer is stored. Any problem with the registry can cause runtime errors and so it is better to fix the problem at once. Using reliable registry repair software is the easiest and the best way for cleaning up runtime error r6025.

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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error Abnormal Program Termination Fix

When you are working on your computer, there are a number of errors that you can encounter from day to day. In case you see Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error Abnormal Program Termination message, there is no need to panic about it, since this a very usual problems, and the solution for this also is very easy. Even you don’t have skills to repair the computers, you can still repair these errors very easily.

Microsoft visual C++ runtime error abnormal program termination can occur due to a number of reasons. These errors may be due to conflict of various applications or memory issues or even viruses in the computer.

The best way to tackle this problem is to seek the help of a registry cleaner.The registry is a part of your computer which stores all the settings and options for the operating system. On the other side, the registry cleaner, checks the registry to look into various details which are not needed any more by the computer for it to carry on the normal working.The registry cleaner will also handle the Microsoft visual C++ runtime error in a similar manner. By checking the registry for the reasons of the problem, it will rectify through removal of the unwanted files which have caused the error.

Though it is possible for anybody to open the registry and check it manually, it is not recommended.You must always use a registry cleaner. Sometimes when you are checking manually, you may happen to delete or damage the files, which will ultimate result in the crashing of the computer.You will not be aware of the fact that you have deleted some crucial elements of the computer which was helping it to function properly.

Remember the registry cleaner software is a useful tool which can automatically scrutinize computers and locate a number of abnormalities which are widespread. Apart from recognizing the problem, the registry cleaner will reinstate the efficiency of the computer in no time, by getting rid of unnecessary files or programs. And so, when you happen to see the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error Abnormal Program Termination, don’t panic, because you can effectively remove it.

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Learn How to Troubleshoot Windows Update Error 646

omputer errors do mess up with the usage of computers. It is quite true that they make it tough to operate the PC in a regular fashion.

The Windows update error 646 can occur when the computer is not able to install Windows updates. Such error can happen when the PC is started in a safe mode. To fix the error 646, the best way is to ensure that the PC is started in a normal mode and the manual installation of the Windows update is done on the PC.

Apart from the computer being in the safe mode, which led to this error, another reason due to which this error can happen is because of the use of the Windows firewall by the PC. This can prevent any installation of Windows updates. The users have to select the firewall off option from the control panel of the PC. The Firewall option is present under the security option in the control panel. After disabling the firewall, the users can again initiate the Windows update process by pressing the try again button.

Another reason, which can lead to this update error code 646 message to pop up on the screen of the PC, is the presence of Wups2.dll registry file. This file can be deleted from the Windows registry by following some simple manual commands. If that is not possible, use a Windows registry cleaner to remove this file and it will complete this task in seconds. It’s the best way to get rid of the error code 646.

A Windows registry cleaner can also help the user in optimizing the computer to the high performance level. This can be done when all the registry entries in the computer are cleaned through the software. This implies that the computer can easily allow the Windows updates files to be loaded after this cleaning.

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How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80072EE2 Instantly

ou might have come across Windows update error 0x80072ee2 and wondered what the error message says. An error that is seen only rarely, it should have to be looked into before your computer encounters other problems. The real reason for the error code 0x80072ee2 is not yet clear. However, it has been said that the error occurs when the Windows start to run its update service. As this error is not that common, it has been said that the error is not related to the operating system of Windows.

It is also said that the error occurs because of a clash between Windows Update and Dial-Up Accelerator. This can be corrected if the Dial-Up Accelerator is turned off. This error can also come if the system is not properly maintained.

Another thing that you have look for are the firewalls and the antivirus programs, which could block the Windows from connecting to the Internet. It is advised to temporarily disable the programs that block the Windows from getting connected to the Internet.

Moreover, you can see error 0x80072ee2 if you have a bad Internet connection. Make sure that you have good connection. Also give a check of the proxy Internet settings. You should also look into the HOSTS file. It is that Windows do not advocate the use of entries for the Update Web site in the HOSTS file as the IP addresses change.

There is one more thing that is recommended is to add the Windows update servers to your Web’s trusted list. When doing this, your system will have complete access to the Windows update servers without being blocked.

Even though the actual reason for the error 0x80072ee2 is not known, it is said that the error is mainly related to the registry, which holds important files. When windows are used, the registry grows with the addition of new files. Moreover, there could be corrupt files in the registry, which lead to computer freezing. Once you encounter such an error, it is advised to clean the registry. If you know all about the registry and the files, you can clean the registry manually. But in case, you have no idea about the registry, take the help of registry cleaning software.

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Computer Repair – Help For Your Computing Problems

The computer repairs industry has gained momentum during the last decade, as people are gradually growing dependent on the internet, laptops and computers for their daily work. Initially, computers were meant just for commercial and large scale enterprises for storing data, maintaining records and performing high end calculations. But with the passage of time, it has become one of the most critical tools in demand, globally. With this rise in demand, there is also a rise in problems. Computers when used excessively are prone to malfunctioning and crashing. Other than this, with the internet playing a crucial role in computing, it also brings with itself viruses, malware, spyware and many other dangerous elements. All these factors combine together to bring an average user’s PC to a crashing end. And this is where Phoenix computer repair comes in.

Phoenix repair companies deal with computing problems of all kinds. Whether it is a virus attack, a hardware malfunction, a PC update or even PC maintenance, you can have all services availed here. Their services are divided into two major categories; average home based users and commercial enterprises.

Home Based Users

Home based users are often technically unaware of the pros and cons of the computing world. They do not know if their computers are at risk from the internet, or even if there could be some hardware problems. To help them with this, Phoenix repair also provides online or telephonic help, whenever customers call them with a problem. After determining the level of intensity of a problem, the user will be provided with the option of home service, where a technician would be sent over for fixing the problem within a short time period. If not, the device would have to be brought over to the company for an in-depth analysis. Other than simple repairing, you could also call them over for installing a network or fixing network cables.

Commercial Enterprises

Phoenix computer repair offers commercial enterprises diverse services in repairs. Companies can have their servers maintained, their networks maintained, and also get training for staff. When companies and servers face system crashes, their utmost need is to get it repaired within a quick time period so that there is no loss in productivity. Understanding this need, Phoenix computer repair services provide timely, speedy repair services to enterprise clients.

How To Reach Them

You can get to the nearest Phoenix repair by going through the computer repair directories, where you will find numerous services right next to your place. Moreover, you can also search online with specific terms, such as “computer repair Virginia”, “computer repair Central Avenue”, and so on. With each search term, you will be able to locate companies that deal with customers online, so you won’t have to worry about going far. However, make sure that the online company that you visit is legal and authentic. Do not give out any credit payment, until unless you’re sure of the services. Also do not forget to ask friends or neighbors, as such services are often well known through word of mouth.

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Can You Trust Registry Cleaners? My Experiences Say “Yes”

Registry cleaner tools are programs that are able to get rid of any of the possible issues that your computer may have inside. These programs are widely promoted as being able to do everything from speed up your PC to fixing a number of possible errors that your system may have. Many people simply write off these tools as overblown “scams” which are over-hyped and under-deliver… however, my experience tells me otherwise.

What Are Registry Cleaners?

These are software programs which have been created to scan through a central part of Windows, which is known as the “registry” database. This database is where all the settings for your system are stored, including the likes of your passwords, recent documents and even your desktop wallpaper. Although the registry database of your system is one of the most important parts of your entire PC, it’s continually causing a large number of issues thanks to the way in which your computer will constantly save it incorrectly.

Registry cleaners work to scan through the registry database of your system, and then fix any of the possible issues that it may have inside. Although all of these tools work to a series of potential issues your system may have, it’s the fact that most of them will actually prevent your PC from working correctly, as they will have been designed by amateurs.

Are Registry Cleaners “Safe” To Use?

My experience shows me that registry repair tools are only as good as the people who develop them. The fact is that you get some programmers who can create really good applications, as they spend the time and effort to create a truly remarkable system. However, many of the tools out there are just designed by amateur developers – and will consequently cause a large number of problems / errors through deleting the files the system requires to run. That’s why many people call these tools a “scam” – because they used an amateur program and consequently caused more problems for their system.

The best registry cleaner to use is a program that’s been designed to fix the largest number of problems on your system. Out of all the cleaners I’ve used, I found that one called “Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0″ is by far the most reliable that I’ve been able to use. This tool was the tool that was able to fix the most problems on my system, and consequently was able to solve an annoying “Windows Installer” error that my PC had.

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Best Registry Cleaner for Windows 7 – Stop Guessing!

Numerous registry cleaners are available in the market and each of them claims to be the best of the lot. However, most of them fail to live up to the promises made. That is why; users look out for best registry cleaner for Windows 7 as well as all other operating systems. It would be necessary learning the ways of finding out the best one.

Why Registry Cleaners are Required?

Unclean registry systems in the computer can result in the operating system becoming corrupt. Even when it does not become corrupt, the computer can become very slow and downloading can take a great deal of time. Many other related problems like system not functioning properly and error messages cropping up every now and then could also take place.

Problems with Window 7 Operating System

Despite being one of the most powerful and advanced operating systems, Windows 7 is still dependent on a good registry system for smooth functioning. Registry can constantly get damaged or corrupted and in result the computer can become extremely slow as well as unreliable. Some of the major problems are:

  • Slowing down of the system
  • Non loading of the programs
  • Long time for loading of programs
  • Random errors generated
  • Delay in shutting down of the computer.

Why Corrupted?

Registry is constantly used and hundreds of registry files get opened every time the user logs on to the computer. In result many of these files are stored and saved in wrong ways corrupting them and windows is unable to read them properly. In fact this is a major problem for all versions of the Windows operating system including windows 7. For fixing the problems the user would need the best windows 7 registry cleaner.

Here are some of the features you HAVE to look out for:

  • Advance facilities for scanning in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Adequate search options and back up options; both user-friendly.
  • Easy interface for fixing the system appropriately.
  • Constantly being updated and should have facilities for automatic updates.
  • A good support help desk that is available to you almost 24 hours a day. Either through phone or email support.


Though there are numerous cleaners available in the market, selecting the right one is necessary for the end user to get the best results of protecting his or her computer system. Otherwise, the users would definitely regret.

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DLL Errors – How Can You Fix DLL Error on Startup?

Are you facing DLL errors very frequently? Do you want to get rid of DLL errors on startup? Well, first we need to know how a DLL file works. Dynamic Link library (DLL) is basically a library in the system that either contains a code, resource or data. These libraries usually have the file extension of drv, DLL or ocx.

We must know that DLL files are an important part of our system. We must not deal with them if we are not familiar about it. Only expert programmers and software developers who deal with operating system work with these kind of errors. If you are facing a DLL error, it might not necessarily be because you messed up with any of DLL files. It might be for many other reasons.

When our operating system was installed, many DLL files have also been transferred to our system. An executable programs (exe) usually calls a DLL program to perform a particular function. The function can even include a particular task for any hardware device of your computer.

One of the most common example of the function of DLL files is to check the space in your system. Whenever, an exe file is initiated, it can call a DLL file to check whether the necessary space is available in your hard drive. It will also check if any similar code already exists in the system and then helps the exe file to only write the source code which is necessary in the system. In a nutshell, it helps in performing an executable program it’s task and makes your system more efficient by only copying what is necessary.

Now, you might not be interested in DLL files and but in DLL errors. But the reason why I explained you is because DLL file is not a harmful file but a part of your system. Take note that it is not a virus but an error. So you must never delete any delete any DLL file thinking it’s the cause of your problem. What is really causing is a DLL file which cannot be executed properly? That’s when you get a DLL error. And it usually happens because their might be some DLL files which are missing or they are not placed in the proper directory. Again, it might not be because you have done something. It might have happened because of uninstalling any software which removed the DLL files along with it.

You might be able to fix this problem by downloading the DLL file and placing it in the correct directory. But what’s point since every time you have some DLL files corrupted or missing, you have to search for it, follow the instructions and place it in the correct directory. Why don’t you take an easier and permanent solution for this problem.

According to experts, the best way to get rid of all DLL problems is by using a good registry cleaner which has all the library of DLL files and definitions of registry problems. Most of the registry cleaners have not specified the exact DLL file and errors which it can fix except for registry easy which has all the major DLL files mentioned in their official website and have their definitions installed in the software.

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Fix Msvcp100 Dll Error to Avoid Complete System Crash

Msvcp100.dll is a Visual C++ 2010 runtime library file, this file is required in order to build C++ application. This file is essential for using as well as creating files with this platform. When there is some problem in this type of file then error message is shown in the system.

Following error messages may be reported by the computer system due to corruption in Msvcp100 dll file:

  • “The program cannot start because MSVCP100.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this error”
  • “Cannot find the file msvcp100 dll (or one of its components.)”
  • “Error starting program. A required.DLL file msvcp100 was not found.”

Causes of Error

  • You may be receiving this error message when the computer is unable to support any programs or files associated with C++.
  • When msvcp100 file is missing then you may receive this error message.
  • Corruption in msvcp100 file can also lead to cause the above error message.
  • Incorrect registry settings may also lead to cause this error.

Signs and Symptoms of Damage in Msvcp100.dll File

  • Degraded system performance is seen due to corruption this file.
  • You may not able to access the application associated with file after damage in this file.
  • As a result of corruption in this file you may have problem like unexpected system shut down.

So, if you are willing to avoid severe system damage then you should fix this error as early as possible. You can manually correct the incorrect registry entries made by this file but in case you are not having any technical knowledge then you should avoid it. If you made incorrect registry settings then it may lead to complete system crash.

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Rundll Error Messages – How To Fix DLL Errors on Your Computer

If you are getting rundll error messages on your computer you may have registry errors. Over 90% of DLL errors are due to errors in the registry and can be fixed automatically with a system scanner.

These problems may be caused by any of the following things:

#1 the presence of malware slowing down your computer and corrupting files..

#2 DLL file errors that are reported all the time.

#3 corrupted registry files and other small errors that add up in the registry to cause serious windows and dll errors.

The registry is composed of your database files that include all hardware and application settings which are needed for your computer’s operating system to function. It is better for you not to tinker with the registry if you do not have the technical know-how because it might ruin all the chances that your computer has to function properly. Dll files link from the registry to your programs and if you start to see rundll error messages you will find one or more programs will not run either.

It is for you to be able to identify when there are potential problems that might slow down the efficiency level of your computer and what is causing these errors. You have to take note of any of the following signs that are an indication of registry and dll errors.

#1 Error messages appearing on your screen warning you of problems.

#2 System freeze or crash when starting certain programs or each time you are in the middle od using a program at a certain point.

#3 Very slow start-up or shut-down and other signs telling you that something is wrong with your windows registry and rundll files.

When your computer’s registry becomes corrupt it will either lose track of these DLL files or corrupt them.

To fix these errors can take days if you try to fix them manually and that is if you know what to look for. The best solution is to run a system scanner which will find the errors for you automatically and to help you to get rid of them fast.

You can download and run a system scanner to see exactly what the error is and then fix rundll error messages in minutes without having to call out a technician and without any technical know how. If you find your computer slowing down and reporting errors scan it right away and fix it now.

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